Thursday, 23 April 2015

How To Use 2 Or More Whatsapp In One Phone ! (Rooted Phones)

Hello Guys !

I've Found A Way To Use Two Or More Whatsapp Accounts In One Phone [ Only For Rooted Users ]

Note : 1. Use Original Whatsapp ! ( It's a Bit Complicated Process To Get Two Accounts In Whatsapp+)
          2. I'm Not Responsible for Any Kind Of Damage !
          3. Do Not Misuse It !!
          4. If You Have Any Problem.. Feel Free To Ask !

Follow The Steps Below : This Method Is Only For Rooted Users !! Rest All Stay Away !

1. Download And Install Original Whatsapp 
2. Download And Install Titanium Backup
3. Give Root Access To Titanium Backup When It Prompts

4. Click On 'Overview Tab'
5. Click On 'Tap To Switch Profile'

6. Click On 'Create A New Data Profile
      Create 2 Profiles: Example
 (1) Rockstar (Give Ant Name You Want)
 (2) Spider     (Give Ant Name You Want)

7. Activate Any One Profile
    Example : Activate Rockstar 

8. Click On 'Backup/Restore Tab'

   (1) Scroll Down And Search For Whatsapp
   (2) Long Press Whatsapp (Till The Window in the below Image Pops Up)
   (3) Click On 'Enable Multi Profiles for This App'

9.Open Whatsapp And Verify Your Number

 You'll Get One Account


10.Now Open Titanium Backup

Click On 'Tap To Switch Profile'

11. Click On 'Activate Spider' Exit Titanium Backup

12. Open Whatsapp And Give Another Number And Verify Your Number

You'll Be Able To Use Another Whatsapp Account

13. To Use Your Other Account 

  (1) Just Open Titanium Backup
  (2) Click On 'Tap To Switch Profile'
  (3) Click On 'Activate Rockstar'
  (4) Exit Titanium Backup
  (5) Open Whatsapp
  (6) Enjoy The First Account

14. By Switching Profiles You Can Use Both The Accounts ! Enjoy !

Sharing Is Caring.. But If You Share.. Make Sure You Give Me the Credits ! :)

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